About DenseStorage

DenseStorage BV is the partner for customized automated Storage & Retrieval solutions based on our unique sortation technology! Our concepts are used in a wide range of markets and applications for consolidation buffer & sequencing storage, production buffers and more. Applied in greenfield but certainly also in brownfield conditions.

We are an independent company that has designs, produces, installed and also maintains the different solutions based on i-Collector technology to ensure that our customers receive the most cost effective solutions available today.

Users all over the world already appreciate the level of quality we deliver and our proven experience in their markets. To maintain this leading and trendsetting position, we continuously invest in product innovation and the development of functional solutions in close cooperation with our customers.

Our mission

“We maximize the potential of Automated Storage & Retrieval Solutions worldwide through innovative, high-quality sortation technologies and exceed customer expectations from sales to service. We achieve this by continues investments in our human capital and working environment.


Our values

Values that characterize our systems and also our way of working.

Always the right algorithm available, from batch oriented to flexible location management.
We as a team always look at the complete chain for the right solution.
By using product carriers, a wider variety of goods/items can be stored. Even mixed combinations of carriers are possible such as 600x400mm / 600×800 mm.
Due to the wide range of possibilities, the right balance always can be found. In addition, we can integrate space for all safety requirements into our system, for example like sprinklers and smoke barriers.
The systems themselves can be expanded and the functionality can be adjusted if your process requirements change in the future.

Always the correct automated solution; from slow movers to fast movers.

Our first systems are running for almost more than 10 years, so we are talking about “proven technology”.
Our expert teams even have decades of experience.

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“i-Collector is certainly an innovative, potentially efficient and profitable solution for intralogistic activities in warehouses for pharmaceutical distribution”

Sophia Jones

“Flexibility to meet a variety of picking, storage and staging needs in the marketplace all wrapped up in a simple and elegant design”

Harold Green

“The i-Collector is a very smart and unique solution for E-commerce”

Grant Harvey