Automated warehouses are indispensable in the modern supply chain. In an automated warehouse logistic processes can be further improved. The value of the intermediate buffer as an essential part of an efficient logistics process is becoming increasingly clear. An intermediate buffer provides space for temporary storage of various products. This makes it possible to respond better to fluctuations in demand.

What is an intermediate buffer?

An intermediate buffer in an automated warehouse is a strategic storage location that acts as a temporary storage zone between different work zones, such as the production and shipping zones. The main purpose of an intermediate buffer is to increase warehouse throughput and flexibility by creating a buffer zone for storing goods awaiting further processing or shipping.

The operation of an intermediate buffer begins with receiving items that have come out of production or have already been picked for shipment. These items are temporarily stored in the intermediate buffer before they go to the next phase of the logistics process. This temporary storage option allows items to be prepared and await further processing, such as packaging or assembling orders.

Advantages of an automated warehouse with intermediate buffer

An automated warehouse with an intermediate buffer provides many advantages:

  • Less manual work
  • Collect orders faster
  • Greater throughput of orders
  • Increasing flexibility

The advantage of combining an intermediate buffer with automated systems is that the warehouse functions better as a whole. The combination provides efficiency and flexibility in storage and delivery processes.

Less manual work

In the past, warehouses relied heavily on human labor for daily operations. The rise of advanced technologies led to a shift towards automated systems and warehouses. Manual labor is required less and less and this brings advantages:

  • Reduction of errors in the extradition process
  • Lower operating costs
  • Significant improvement in efficiency

This ensures that the total running costs are significantly reduced.

Collect orders faster

Another notable benefit of automated warehouses is the acceleration of the order picking process. By using advanced algorithms and robotics, items are collected faster. This results in savings in time and money. The maximum throughput capacity can be increased with the help of an intermediate buffer. The ability to temporarily store items allows processes to run seamlessly, allowing warehouse staff to work more efficiently. This can be useful, for example, during peak hours or unexpected changes in demand.

Greater throughput of orders

The intermediate buffer is an important link within the automated warehouse. An intermediate buffer is a strategic storage point between production and shipping. Good use of the intermediate buffer as an intermediate station ensures that the different work zones connect well with each other. This increases flexibility and processes run more smoothly. In short: with an intermediate buffer, the automated warehouse can function more smoothly. This is because items do not have to move directly from one zone to another. This improves the logistics flows in the warehouse.

Increasing flexibility

With an intermediate buffer, orders can be prepared and await further processing. Items can thus be processed in a structured manner. This contributes to smoother logistics execution. The intermediate buffer thus becomes a strategic storage location that functions as a flexible link between different work zones.

The right balance between costs and efficiency

When setting up an automated warehouse, it is all about achieving the right balance between cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency. The future of warehouses lies in the integration of automation with intermediate buffers. The warehouse then functions more efficiently. The margin of error in inventory management also reduces. DenseStorage’s i-Collector technology provides that intermediate buffer solution as part of an automated warehouse.

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