Our GTS system is an extreme fast, shuttle type of automated storage and retrieval system for a wide variety of bins, trays, and other small loads. Its designed to provide a high density storage combined with a high throughput.  The interaction with the sorting algorithms and the elevators of the In& Output section block creates a sorting and sequencing function with an average capacity of 1000 ins & outs per section.

The flexibility of the GTS shuttle system is what it makes unique in combination with the high requirements of storage and capacity. Ideal for fast mover applications.

Basic Principle – GTS

flexible orientated

Buffer storage with sorting algorithms based on flexible orientated location management specific for sequencing interaction with the elevators.

Wide variety of loads

Suitable for a wide variety of bins, trays, and other small loads. Basic dimensions are:

  • 600×400 mm
  • 600×800 mm
  • 640x425mm

Different dimensions on request.

High capacity

Capacity range up to 750 – 1.000 In & Outs / per hour/ per In & Out section

Up to 100.000 storage locations

Number of storage locations: from 10.000 to around 100.000

Expandable concept

The In&Out section block can be added in a later phase.


Among others:

  • Storage / Random buffer functionality
  • Applicable for high volume storage
  • Applicalbe as high performance system

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Basic Principle – GTS